Assessment Piece

“Hopeful Monsters;” is a piece that I was set for my assessment, the unit says that I am supposed to sight read and perform this within a 20 minute time limit. I made sure I had space from the group as I drudged through note by note taking the rhythm into account, it took me approximately 15minutes to get the whole piece down as the main riff (4th string open D with added notes) was proving to be tricky to read, but once I had gotten the hang of it I impressed the tutor with how fast I had learnt it.

The next phase was performing the darn thing, after making the introduction and the bass had started, I was milliseconds off the drums but then locked in straight away using dynamics such as (choosing whether to play a part quietly or not) the triplet riff at the end was quite rushed but due to practice, I played solidly in comparison to the bass which had quite some trouble, my feedback was around 3 notes ;

– Playing the rhythm quite rushed on one part (I will improve on this by practice rhythms)
– Make other use of dynamics when playing (sort a better sound on my amplifier)
– Try and help your fellow musicians (When your playing confidently and a fellow band member isn’t, take the time to got through it more with them)

Using this feedback and taking on board my mistakes, if I work on this then I’m sure I’ll get better in time.

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