Homework assignment (Feb Half Term)

Homework assignment (Feb Half Term)

Hey there, I was set homework for the recent half term where I had to create 3 different score ideas, 4 – 8 bars with key changes and also a complex time signature, the first that I have posted is a delightful number called “Hop Skip Frump,” purely created by me, this piece was used on a software called Sibelius 7.

Keeping the piece light like the suggestive title, it’s in the key of E major (4 sharps) and is also in 3/4 hitting some of the criteria I spoke about earlier, using both bass clef and treble I chose the piece to be played (only on software) by piano and bass, when in a live format should be played with electric guitar and bass. Taking rhythm into account the majority of the song is played with 16th notes using appropriate rests to separate the bars, the inspiration was the movement of a mouse and if this is played knowing the stimulus then you will connect the idea to the content.

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