3 Part Harmony Piece

3 Part Harmony Piece

Hey there, I’ve recently indulged myself on writing more difficult parts on Sibelius 7 for practicing purposes (composing & playing) this is the piece and is designed for a guitarists to pick from 3 lines which they can practice to their leisure, hopefully this can exercise the choosing of harmony an latter piece of music if the artist desires this.

The piece itself is in the key of F# Major (6 Sharps) and is comprised of 16th notes, the 3 lines are separated by a major third and perfect 5th harmony. I designed it because the sound of all three combined make a bright and very upbeat sound, also testing the guitarists picking and rhythm knowledge.

The discussion of this piece was in two minds, James Chatfield (Bassist on level 5) suggested that the piece is too messy and too difficult, the solution he suggested was to separate the stave into two treble clefs and strip the third harmony. I felt that this was a good idea but I explained how this is for practice purposes and not a piece to perform as well as playing the lower harmony for him on my guitar to prove that the piece is not too difficult resulting in the problem being resolved.

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