Me Playing My First Gig

I also want to add the guitar I was playing and the songwriting techniques, influences and also riff ideas I had back when I was in the band “October Sixteenth,”

The guitar I was playing lead on is an Ibanez GRG170DX CA Purple, the cleans as shown in the video are very bright and crisp and the distortion really gets you those “Chuggy,” sounding chords (especially when in drop D) and the lead (also as shown in the video) has a gorgeous tone to it in my opinion. The amp I was using was a “Line 6 Line 6 Spider Valve MKII 212 Guitar Amp Combo,” as a Line 6 I knew I could really get into the settings and effects, that’s the unique specialization to the brand in my opinion is that their amps do have impressive effects even without the use of pedals.

These are the settings I used:
– High Mid 9.5
– Medium Treble 7.8
– Medium Bass 6.5

The reason for this is so the Mid can really utilize the distortion and project it with a crunchy yet clear tone (if that makes sense), the medium Treble is so that the audience won’t be put off by what would be a more “Muffled,” tone which every guitarist should stay clear of (High Treble should only be allowed in your bedroom practices)

Well enough about equipment, the song displayed in the video is an original called “Watch It Burn,” and is in 4/4 A major (3 sharps) using the Lydian mode when songwriting I was able to get more happier feel to the song, The general genre would be pop punk and the song/bands main influences we’re “Paramore & YouMeAtSix,” that pretty much sums the up the whole band but the gig was played near Worcester to an audience of 150+

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