Playing at the Forum (LG Arena)

Short clip, plus you can’t really see me but this was a great gig, we attracted a lot of attention playing popular songs using my specific chords (I’ll explain later). I was part of the warm up act before the actual show started and I was amazed at how many people stopped to listen to me and my friend play, also signed some young girls tickets (first autographs wow).

Ok…. the chords, not sticking to traditional covers using “beach chords AKA open chords,” I dropped the tuning to D which is essentially just the 6th string being lowered by a tone. Used D’Dario Bronze 10 gauge strings on a Takamine electro acoustic really gave me the desired chunky tone I was looking for, really wanted to fill the sound out. Using alternatives such as Minor 9th’s and Add9/ Add11 + suspended chords I was experimenting in rehearsals with as much flavors as possible to beef up the tracks getting more character out of them. I was only used as a session player and bought more than enough material to appease the client, he enjoyed my alternative chords and much preferred the use of them in comparison to the originals.

Luckily the crowd gave us a warm reception, the material was hitting the right target audience. I was worried due to it only being 1 acoustic player and 1 singer but the worry was shattered as soon as we got our first cheer.

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