Is Music Good, What Makes It So?

Such a big question that has been assigned to us via lecture, quite the philosophical one too.Image

Well with such a big question I’ll be going into detail with these subjects:

– Is something popular good?

– Does history tell you what is good?

– Does the message make it good?

– Can experts tell you what is good?

– Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

– Is the stratocaster a work of art?

Is Something Popular Good?

Well there are two things to take into account with this question, they are “Money,” and “Artistic Value,” I think these are what separates popularity and art that can reach out to people in unexplained fashions (The touching of the soul etc etc). If something is popular then it will attract money but just because it has an established fan base and has been posted all on our media platforms and is pushed into our culture by media giants and moguls alike that say “You will like this! It’s cool to like this! Your not in with the crowd if you don’t listen to this!” In my opinion this is disgusting and completely rips off the unique and independence that we as people have, it’s good to have a fan base (so you can share your art with people) but going into proper mainstream (X Factor, Britain’g Got Talent and The Voice) really takes away what characteristics music should have. I know I’m very against them an they are successful but I’ve seen the contracts to these types of shows completely using the contestants and audience as puppets and guinea pigs for the next big money making scheme.

Art in my opinion can be found within the connection between the person and what they experience when they see, hear, taste or even smell the publication (art). That connection I can’t quite explain (something to do with the left or right side of the brain if you wanted to get all scientific about it) and it’s this connection that makes us human, differs us from one another and can even bring us together. Art is everywhere and is the flavors and characters/ colors that we feel in our soul everyday, it’s our hobby,it defines our ambition and love for the world.

Does History Tell You What Is Good?

In my opinion with this question, I don’t think it can tell you but rather history has influenced everything as we know in art. Everyone in the world who studies art is always taught from it’s roots so we gain better understanding of the field of knowledge we study, there are new inventions of art every day but without that well of knowledge and understanding of the origins and it’s progression from birth till now, then how could we invent something new? Imagination is the answer to that and I really am contradicting myself but I feel that history cannot tell you what is good yet it has merely influenced everything around us.

Does The Message Make It Good?

Art can contain many messages, they’re are some that connect with people on a personal level so that the message is meaningful making it “Good,” and there are some messages that can influence people in ways. Standard pop songs in modern culture carry the message that we should live for the weekend, have sex constantly, fall in love, don’t take life too seriously and dance. This is great for many an I’m sure their opinions will be that the message is “great,” but art can carry more thought provoking messages and touches on taboo subjects. So I think if an art form does have a message then it is more cleverly portrayed but nevertheless doesn’t make it “Good,” totally based on peoples perceptions of what they think “Good,” actually is.

Can Experts Tell You What Is Good?

They can guide you and inform you in more detail but it is totally up to the individuals own perceptions of art, experts are experts for a reason and their thoughts should be considered upon and not taken lightly but aren’t we as individuals supposed to decide our own likes and dislikes. For example, you hate broccoli, but a health expert advises …. “ADVISES! (important word),” you that your completely wrong for disliking broccoli then you’ve completely hit an anomaly and the allegation is almost discriminating in some ways and also controlling, we have our own minds, we decide what we like, advisers can advise and should be taken seriously but nevertheless, they can’t control your freedom to think.

Is Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Peoples tastes are their own, I have went into detail about my belief that we have unique souls that connect with different art forms and that the message/ feelings we take from it are completely independent, if you share the same thoughts with someone else then that is shear compatibility or similar tastes with that person. This is by far the easiest question to answer due to my opinions on this but if anyone does have anything to battle my opinion with then I’m open to a debate/ discussion on this subject! (I also posted this on Facebook to see if anyone objected, yet to edit this piece so I think people agree with me)

Is The Stratocaster A Work Of Art?

To some people yes, the electric guitar is an instrument of music that can produce art, the actual stratocaster guitar was obviously designed by someone who had the artistic vision to create and innovate the face of electric guitar as we know it today. To those who don’t like one of the origins of modern guitar then that’s fine, I can’t object to how you feel if your passionate about another pioneered guitar that has changed the face of the electrical instrument. The “Strat,” is just the same as “The Mona Lisa,” they are both renowned by millions and are considered to be beautiful by many and also ugly, unfortunately there are people who don’t appreciate art but those are the ones who are missing out. In my opinion I think it is a work of art, I’ve owned a “Strat,” and that’s how I first learned my craft in which I can turn into my own product (which I hold very dear to me).

Hopefully when reading this you have your own opinions on the subjects, comment and I’d love to discuss about each topic as they all can be talked about for hours on end.

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