My Slimline Telecaster

My Slimline Telecaster

I thought I’d give you a bit of insight to the equipment I’m using seen as though I posted about my pedal recently, apart from having various guitars the most recent of mine is the Squire (Fender copy) Slimline Telecaster.
Using D’Dario nickel wound 10 gauge strings to give my guitar a smooth feel combined with the maple neck this guitar really is amazing for creating riff ideas or even soloing. I really enjoy playing in clean, due to the “F Hole,” it really gives the guitar a unique sound which I’ll post at a later date, I’ve already gave a link on my blog to show you the distortion and although the video isn’t massively high quality it really is a versatile piece of equipment.
The amp in that video is a Fender FM 25 DP which is relatively small but can reach a decent volume for gigging smaller venues and is equipped with average effects. My specifics are the same as before (High Mid, Medium Treble, Medium Bass)

Only a short rundown but I thought this would be a nice + simple review for anyone who has had thoughts about buying the guitar, even at a price of £380.00 it still is worth every penny if your looking for versatility and a lightweight guitar.

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