Musicians Attributes + Specialties/ Talents

In lecture today I was taught at first about “Oblique Strategies,” which I will blog about in a future post (Mostly ramblings about George Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic & Brian Eno – Composer). 

Then there was a sudden change to the lesson plan as the discussion led onto musicians and their skills/ attributes, mostly pointed at me and the class, Andy Edwards then had the bright idea to let us voice to each other about our own specialties as musicians by drawing out a grid with the following headings:

– Creativity = The ability to mold an idea into a physical form

– Feel = The groove an artist has with their instrument showing their charisma through their playing

– Technical Facility = The skill level of the musician

– Phrasing + Note Choice = Showcasing character and unique sound through playing 

– Charisma = A trait, who you are as a person 

– Fixer = Someone who is pro-active and gets things done

All of the above are needed to get work and also become a much better musician but first things first the class and I needed to know where we were at now and a good identification of that was going to come from the people that have played with each other for years. So we begun marking each other and then the total would be added to make a number that would represent how experienced the musician was in that category. The marking looked like this;

– 0 = Doesn’t have any experience

– 1 = Is below average

– 2 = Is on par with what is to be expected of a HND musician

– 4 = Is talented in the specific area

The 3 was missed out to represent that if a musician just so happens to get marked a 4, then that would mean they were above average but a milestone.

Everyone had finished the markings and then we had to to go round in a circle to show what we had put for that person, everyone was polite and professional (honest). Unfortunately lectures only have limited time so this I what I had scored but we’ll return next week, so i’ll edit an post my later scoring (Max Score = 28):

– Creativity = 26

– Feel = 10

– Technical Facility = 

– Phrasing + Note Choice = 

– Charisma = 

– Fixer = 

I’ll be adding my thoughts on scores when they’re completed, lets just say I have to listen to a lot more funk in an effort to improve on feel.

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