Feel Vs. Technique

I’ll begin with why the video’s there, there’s a point in the track where the guitarists technique is published with feel. A great showcase of funk major scale riff with dual guitars too, the exact point is 0:33 seconds in, both guitars have a set way of soloing and the casual harmonies (due to both in major) just so happen to cross due to the box of 4/4. Anyways I had this on my mind so enjoy.

Now onto the headline at hand that is “Feel Vs. Technique,” is there a distinct line between both of them? Can you have one without the other? From experience practicing technique comes down to hours of playing to a metronome with different BPM with also little techniques of modal practicing and chordal soloing. So how does one practice feel? In my opinion feel comes from finding your own unique sound as a musician and really finding enjoyment/ emotion in the music you are playing, earlier I talked about music affecting your soul in a blog recently attached to “Is Music Good?” This will show through performance in comparison to robotic playing or a massive distinction in how someone portrays themselves as a musician on stage.

So as a musician that needs to listen to a lot more funk to understand what “Feel,” actually is, I favor technique but a mature opinion would say that you need both to survive and work, as well as the difference between “Hedonism & Perfectionism,” it rolls into the same sort of field and that you need both.

This is my next objective, to listen to more funk so that I can aspire and learn to be more like the musicians that have masses of “Feel,” like in the link above, the difference is the link ties in funky with pop and distortion, a combination that I would jump at the chance of imitating if I was in a band.

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