My Tapping Routine

No, this isn’t dance, this is my exercise to warm up and stretch my fingers (so a type of dance for my fingers) still apologize for the video but let’s march on to what I’m actually doing in the video. I’m also in drop D, so again lowering the bottom string by a tone.

To stretch my fingers and gain speed I made this riff that comprises of using the bottom 3 strings (heavier, more pressure for fingers to strengthen them) and hammering on with my index finger and little finger (Strengthening the little one).

– Tapping order via string = E/ D/ A/ D

Okay, after learning that pattern these are the notes I’m playing:

– (E) F# – A (D) F# – A (A) C# – E (D) F# – A … Tap = (E) Db (D) Db (A) Ab

– (E) F – A (D) F – A (A) C – E (D) F – A … Tap = (E) Db (D) Db (A) Ab

– (E) A – Db (D) A – Db (A) E – Ab (D) A – Db … Tap = (E) E (D) E (A) B

– (E) C – D (D) C – D (A) G – A (D) C – D … Tap = (E) G (D) G (A) D

So it is really repetitive in the sense that there is a lot of octave intervals in the transcription of notes but it would be easier in tab. Practicing this to a metronome can prove challenging so I’ll post another at a later date.

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