The Pollen Collectors!!!

The Pollen Collectors!!!

This nifty piece of music was given to me last Tuesday (04/04/14) as part of my theory/ sight reading lecture, it’s a tricky piece that involves changes of time signature and the class struggled to come to grips with at for the 1st half an hour.

So the tempo being 98 BPM the tune is quite slow and the notes weren’t hard to identify, I did it with quite ease but the problem is turning whats written into a physical form for all musicians, all the drummer has to do is hold the beat as there is nothing written to suggest otherwise. The problems that arose were the fact we had two bass players ont he track of whom were out of tune with each other making a minor 2nd interval (not the nicest of sounds) and so we had to keep stopping and starting, the second problem was that the slow tempo was proving a challenge so my lecturer changed it from 98 to 124 BPM. Me and the other musicians were well in our comfort zone and we started to make progress, these are the points I need to improve on:

– Read more notation

– Understand my fellow musicians and offer to help more

– Always bring a tuner to class

Thanks to for the picture.

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