Me & James With An Idea!

In standard tuning (for a change) using major & minor 7th chords with E string routes with a tapping interlude best describes the idea.

Really wanted to talk about our creative process in this blog, starting with how we come up with some of these ideas. Listening to many bands and genres would be a start but using my Boss RE-20 (I said I’d use it from my earlier blog) space echo with altered specifics to get the most intensity out of the delay and reverb would be step 2.

After setting up we got to work, I normally start with getting 3 – 4 chords that have at least 1 key change and are 9th/ 7th chords to get a more interesting flavor out of the music we’re producing. Then once I have a basis for what to riff over I’ll make a transition between the chords whether it be tapping (in the link above) or just standard “Twiddily twiddily,” riffs.

The 1 key change comes from my love of not keeping to the standard “Pop song,” quick fix culture and my influences being Genesis, The Safety Fire and Arcane Roots. So heavy changes and progressive riffs/ chord set ups are what I’ve grown to use through playing them extensively.

The video breakdown:

Starting with a C# minor 7th, tap up a A major scale crossing in at the 8th fret G string hammer on with 9th fret back to the 9th fret D string. Then A major 7 with a tap using right hand tap the 12 fret from B string down to A every hammer on.

The end consists of these 5 chords in succession:

– C# minor 7
– F# minor 7
– B5/G#
– C#5/A
-C major 7

then back to the first chord, as you can see I write with key changes (as influenced by jazz) there’s a lot more to the song which I’ve been adding to but for now I’m just posting the progression.

Thanks to James Chatfield ( for playing on the past 3 videos.

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