Sheet Music & My Practice

Sheet Music & My Practice

So in lecture today I was given an interesting piece to play called “Spooky Funk At A Distance,” this is a medium funk track 104 BPM comprised of minor major chords and complex time signatures (6/4 4/4 change).

The errors I encountered whilst learning this weren’t the actual note identification because I have a knowledge of chords but was the rhythm of the A section and the ending, also choosing what to play on the “Post Tacet,” bit. To overcome the 1st problem my class saw how frustrated I had gotten due to me messing the rhythms up on a couple of occasions and then gave me tip to play, the rhythm is the same as the “Terminator,” theme so that really helped me overcome.
The second problem was choosing what to play in the break where I get to show off a bit, so in the break we can play a riff/ solo/ chords and I chosen to solo in F melodic minor giving a jazzy type feel to the track, the ending was overcome by extensive playing of that specific section over and over again.

I wanted a short section of how my practice has really come into fruition, most musicians gain skill and technique through extensive playing of routines and scales which in my opinion is great and it’s each to their own. My practice comes through composing in which has made me a better player through the years of guitar, my creative process draws ideas from art/ music/ dreams and general conversation, even when I’m walking down the street I am constantly composing in my head of what a riff or song should sound like, then it’s just converting that to a physical product on my instrument. I don’t really know if this is the right way, I do try to mix routines in with my playing but to exercise both creativeness and playing ability (technical facility) this is how I practice.

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