Philosophy As A Stimulus For Music

First I’d like to start with an example of a typical ambient soundtrack, this is a great start point for the question at hand an if you’d like to listen whilst reading the post then you’ll understand what I’m trying to answer which is “Has philosophy have a relationship with music? Can you use this as a stimulus?”

Me and James Chatfield we’re talking about the significant relationship between philosophy and music, I feel that there’s a bridge that connects the two. Philosophy is the way that we look at life and the questions about who we are and our origins, the connection that ties it into music would be how an idea *statement* such as “In a recent discovery it has been found that there’s something bigger than space,” how could you use that as a stimulus for creative process.

Me and James talked about the “Go – to,” method would be using a ton of reverb and delay *digital* but although this would make for good music there’s also the question of “Why do we think like that?” it’s as if with space being the stimulus everyone would use that as ambient minimalism music but why? these are the questions that we kept asking ourselves as we recently improvised a 45 minute piece of music with many changes, we loved the music but to improve we listened back to the track many times to pinpoint these changes and asked:

-Why did I jump to that riff?

-Why did I use that effect?

-Why did I choose to not play?

-Would it be different if i added more here?

To improve on this each musician had his own interpretation of what the answer could be, I thought that it has something to do:

– Muscle Memory

– Knowledge

– Dreams

– Memory

From personal experience dreaming helps me in the composition process, I feel that the whole creativeness spawns from the left side of the brain which draws inspiration from your memories and what you’ve experienced and then projects this to physical creativeness and injects into muscle memory I.E “If you’ve practiced a certain routine plus heard (remembered) a tune or melody from a past experience then both are combined in which you can manipulate into your own material,” this in my opinion is creative thinking.

Now after covering a slight margin of the creative process you can then use this technique for a stimulus such as a statement of philosophy or a thought/ dream and even image. Using what you already know aswell as hearing other people around you will draw inspiration to combine both sources of knowledge to manipulate the music you are projecting, an insightful view into who you are actually playing with and how both musicians react to you when you are both improvising. There are books on how musicians create when they’re together but that’s going off tangent, my answer to the above questions is that we ask these questions to identify what it is we are actually doing when making ideas so we can improve, that word improvement is the sole point to what my answer is, then I may have hit a dead end:

Why do I want to improve?

Me: To get better


Me: To become employable, when there’s skill, it opens doors to new music, more experimental decisions when playing, to concentrate on other areas that I lack as a musician I.E “Feel,”

So instead of trying to answer philosophical questions with musical answer I guess the outcome is to use the question as a stimulus to further project a muscial idea, the question of using pedals and effects as being the “Go – to,” answer is purely on our culture using that method so we instantly make a connection between space – ambient. Not much of an answer but what if I asked you “What type of music springs to mind when you think of far corners of the universe and what is actually after the infinite?,” I hardly doubt you’ll reply with Guns & Roses or Cher, so maybe we should embrace the idealogy behind the fact that our culture resembles space to ambient an strive to think of ideas to make good music. In my opinion peoples ideas or more organic if you give them a stimulus whether it be phrase or image.

Future Blogs:-

⦁ Using stimulus projects creativity from memory & knowledge, how do you convince the listener to your interpretation of what your trying to portray?

⦁ Music is a powerful medium which inspires emotion, why? how?

⦁ How do animals react to music?

⦁ Are deaf people at a loss, can you find examples of where this isn’t true?

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