1st of Stimulus Material

1st of Stimulus Material

Well after performing and recording 2 ambient pieces of music each of 40+ minutes, I was pleasantly surprised by how well each musician contributed their own material in improvisation. The 1st piece comprised solely of improvised parts which are manipulated into a constant overlapping of textures throughout, this was the instrumentation:

– 1 Guitarist

– 1 Bassist (pedal board consisting of delay, wah, chorus and volume swell)

– 1 Drummer

Not relying on any source material as a stimulus we just created in the spur of the moment, the piece caught the attention of a few tutors in which one of them even performs with the same three combination in the next piece but this will include a bass trombone.

Now for the reason of the picture, me and the bass player (http://bassistchatfield.wordpress.com/) have given each other the task of finding three images and creating a piece of music for each, this is my first and my first impressions are that this is a great piece to work with. It’s mysterious, light and dark (if that makes sense) giving me room for a lot of creative imagination, I feel my delay pedal will come into use with this one, I’m just worried for the next two!

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