My Ambient Album

My Ambient Album

Yes! that’s right, I’ve been talking about posting this stuff up for a while but what you’ll witness when clicking onto the link will be my very own music, totally improvised, ambient was the challenge!

Carl Browne – Drums

James Chatfield – Bass

James “Murphy” McCaleb – Bass Trombone

Me – Guitar

All of us bringing our own ideas in to the mix, the drums pretty much conducted the thing as we followed to the timbre of what the musician was playing. I was using my space echo (Boss RE-20) and really trying out the repeat rates, the bassist already had his collection of pedals and bass trombonist also had delay and chorus to mess about with, with our toys we started the jam by setting up all the mics. I’m using a telecaster maple neck with 10 gauge D’Darios, also had another guitar in the mix, a Jaxville stratocaster which supplies some of the clean licks later on, I also switch to distortion on the first track at around 13 minutes supplying trills and some high riff stuff accompanied by the “Wah,” sounding trombone. 

The whole experience is brilliant and listening back to it, sure there are problems (mainly due to the whole thing being improvised) but I’m proud of my work in this project. Most of the 1st track is looped bass using digital delay (Boss) (45 seconds per) but by the time we get to the third track we attempted a darker vibe, a lot of scraping the strings and using minor second intervals and minor fifths to create an edgy atmosphere. I’m knocking my guitar about a bit and also using the repeat rate on the pedal to get a “Slurring,” effect out of my guitar, the drums are used not for beats but for more of a different kind of percussion whilst the bass really is giving flavor from those uncommon intervals accompanied by the trombone mainly improvising soloing over the top. You can tell on the third track an assortment of riffs which were used once and then thrown away but if I found something that sounded “Awesome,” then I’d sit on it for a while, I really want feedback on this especially if have some constructive criticism. 


There will be a lot more where this comes from so download! 

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