I Made My First Album

My First Album I linked the second first because I felt the first was better in quality especially because I got to use my pedal out, anyway this is the first ambient jam that Myself, James Chatfield and Carl Browne recorded which is completely improvised and is again around the 45 minute mark. James took the album art photos at Hurcott Woods which is where we live so it adds a small bit of pride into the work we’ve just created. The reasons why this maybe not as good as the first:

  • The original, although it was improvised, we could pin point what went wrong to make the next better.
  • Lack of pedals, creative ideas were pushed around but maybe we never captured them enough.
  • Lack of distortion, I had fun using a crunchier tone on the second in comparison

What the first album has that the second does not is originality, vocals and a creepier vibe in general. What we hoped to achieve was a Brian Eno ambient masterpiece but what we had instead was our new direction as musicians, I for one I’m really finding myself as a musician through this method of creativity. The first album really has some sort of edge over the second due to its atmosphere that it creates, the chord choices and trills added to my input, the drums are slower and there’s a lot more feedback (intended) from the amps that we wanted. My growth as a musician has been influenced by me learning from the people around me and I’m glad that I can see it come into fruition.

There’s a bit I adore from the second track on the first album (A Lack of Residual Capacity – That Shirt Would Look Great With A Colombian Neck Tie) around 4 minutes in, a great showcase of the improvisation as a sit on a riff then gradually expand an both over musicians really understand what I’m trying to make musically. This is another reason why I like this album, being the first experiment that we’ve recorded I was surprised by the movement of the music in which hopefully showcases that we’re all in key with each other as players.

So if you have time check the stuff out!

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