My Recording Setup!

My Recording Setup!

Well I though I’d share just a tad of information on the tedious yet rewarding process that is recording!

Luckily in my HND level 5 music course I have made friends with someone who knows there way round the studio, that being Mr. James Chatfield ( now to make the recent albums that have just been added to band camp there’s certain preparation that’s needed particularly with mic’ing everything up as it’s fed into the studio.

These were the mics and the placement:-

– AKG C2 – drum overheads (closer than normal overheads)

– AKG Drum Clip – attached to the snare drum

– Rode NT1 – placed as room mic, facing drums

– Rode NT1 – placed as room mic, facing guitar and bass

– SM57 – guitar amp

– SM58 – bass amp + direct DI output

– SM58 – directed at the PA speakers (which Murphy was plugged into as there were no spare amps)

So after setting this, (just a general note, we have as a trio put the mics in different places every time we record to find better combinations but this is just the setup for the second album) it was time to record! also using Roland Re-20 space echo (as always) we got to it.

So if this mic placement is of any help then I’m glad to of shared this, bare in mind for any other tracks they’re many variations that we’ve tried and so I’ll update on anything else if we differ the preparation in future recording sessions.

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