My Transcription/ Songwriting Attempt

My Transcription/ Songwriting Attempt

Well firstly I was given the task today in lecture to write a new piece of music giving a bizarre choice of what to start with, my lecturer had both a 12 and 8 sided dice in which governed what time signature and key to work in, also what name to give our track unfortunately I got Ab major (4 flats) in 7/8 with the name of “Pristine Odin.”

With the A section I had a few ideas bouncing round of fast guitar picking of 16th notes using minor 9th and major 7th chords, then the same with bass notes then using the same array of chords in the B section but just the chords changing to 4/4. The last section of the B parts is my version of an explosive conclusion going from F minor 7 shooting up an octave twice then smashing the Ab major 7, the drums would be quite funky/ jazzy as well as keeping to modern phrasing. Well….. this was what I had in mind, until I found out what went wrong with my piece once it was exposed to the rest of the class.

My ideas I was told were very creative and would’ve been good if I had laid them out right but here’s whats wrong with my transcription:

– some drum bars were hard to distinguish where snare hits were.

– the flags are very small.

– there’s a bass bar with too many notes on it.

– some wrong note values, making counting very hard on the treble clef.

– the layout is a bit squashed.

Once the guys attempted it, I got feedback from the bass player and this is what he had to say ” ledger lines are hard to read, as they vary in size and are quite a lot of them. The ledger line in the first bar on the bass clef really threw me off, I was confused whether or not it was an E or F#.”

” I attempted to learn it, I got the first 3 bars correct but it was a difficult thing to play as in was sweeping up and down the neck to reach the notes notated.”

” the whole track was really nice and the ideas Michael had were very good and this track could easily be turned into a great track.”

So on the whole I should learn from this when writing notation, especially drum notation which I’m terrible at. On a lighter note I was complimented again on my creativeness but I’m going to have to step it up notation wise to keep up with the rest of the course.

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