Much Like Hans Zimmer, It’s Safe To Say This Is My Ambition!

To be fully satisfied in life, that’s the goal right? well if I was to wake up one morning with no money, no wife, no children but I still made this stuff then I’d be the most content man on the planet. This music is thought provoking, beautiful, thought processing and so minimalist that I can’t get my head round how something can be so meaningful yet so simple, this blog post is purely on what my dream goal in working in the world of music is all about.

In the process of working on the third album with my main guys who I love to work with and feel it’s a blessing and pleasure every time, these are :-

– Carl Browne : Drums, percussion and the occasional glockenspiel (If I’m lucky)

– James Chatfield : Bass, pedals, experiments (third album will explain what experiments is all about)

– James “Murphy” McCaleb : Bass trombone, pedals

I guess this post is a shout out to my next project that I’ll be posting shortly and the musicians I work with, also the music I enjoy working to and also my true ambition of putting my creative thinking to a productive objective of making music for film, pipe dream…. maybe, but everyone has dreams.

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