Brian Eno – “Ag…

Brian Eno – Aggressive music can only shock you once, afterwards it’s impact declines, it’s inevitable.

At first or for the longest of time I thought quotes were just something people pasted all over Facebook or had gotten the quote inked all over them for attention. There little way of trying to be unique I guess, that’s fine by me but recently stumbled upon great and inspiring quotes from the people that actually invoke creative thought and enthusiasm for the things I love, this blog I guess is to express how I really laughed when I seen this quote… really…. serious, I laughed! 

Playing in metal/ hardcore bands and witnessing the “Scene,” of fashion over music and being pompous and a general ass seems to be very popular right now, due to me not having a massive beard or the tightest jeans I was somehow at a loss when I gigged due to the other bands spitting at the very sight of me and my friends. Whatever, it’s not as if I’m bitter or anything…. (sarcasm) but as the quote suggests that rock/ metal/ hardcore/ punk and just general loud music really has taken it’s toll and has lost a fan as I’ve grown more mature as a person and a musician. I can relate to the quote and after playing the genre(s) for such a long time I can see clearly and my opinion is that it’s the easiest to play, no skill required, no musicianship and it’s rather just a competition of whose the best looking and who can drop tune their guitar and play open strings.


Also I would like to raise a question of “Why do dancers always want to shock people,” well there’s a good point and many bad. The good being as my good friend Carl Browne ( brought up the fact that with dance shows, you only watch it once as a viewer whereas music you can listen to your hearts content. So they will use Brian Eno’s quote as the major incline in their performance to make the audience clap and shout “Wow, Yeah, Right on!” so yes, that is the positive but the negatives are just that it’s so cliche and boring to think that every art festival/ dance performance/ contemporary dance is just there to scare or shock you. 


Hopefully my opinions have made you either very angry or very content and will inspire some feedback, so… gimme something to debate about!

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