Ibuprofen And The Third Album

Ibuprofen And The Third Album

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With great pleasure and slight anxiousness I present to you, the third album (applause) yep that’s right but there’s something different about this one which I’ll get down to. So if you haven’t already followed, my fellow musicians and I produce these ambient albums which are completely improvised with one rule, “When we stop the recording, nothing is to be altered to the track, no pitch control, no edited drum track, NOTHING!!!” We’ve been getting great feedback and have some great ideas running around at the moment in which I’ll discuss at a later date but for now, let me pick apart and analyse this one for you shall I?


The title is because at the time of the album I had pain everywhere at the time of the recording and as I prepping for the recording (gear, tuning, stands, mic positioning and little bits and bobs) I took an 2 over the usual dosage of Ibuprofen in which changed my playing dramatically during the recording. So there I was at first feeling fine until 15 minutes later my head started swinging during our conversation over where the Rode NT-1 mic which is supposed to be recording trombone should go, luckily I had set everything up before my body started to shut down. Funnily enough this “Method,” made me use abnormal choices when playing in which you might hear as being chromatic runs, notes that weren’t in key and also not playing (on purpose) to listen round the room. You’ll hear this example 10:30 into the second track in which I’m really using different decisions in comparison to the box I give myself when soloing or improvising, this box is what guitarists use when they’re not comfortable in a key or simply out of ideas so we (I) use our “Stock,” riffs in which we always go back to when soloing.

Anyways back to the album, James Chatfield (bassistchatfield.wordpress.com) shows up with some of his younger sisters toys and a shaver, me and Carl ask “Why?” he replies with “Just listen.” He assembles his pedals and flips his bass on his lap then starts using the shaver and various toys on the back of his guitar which then gives off these absolutely brilliant and different sounds, the shaver is the creepiest so if your listening to the album and get thrown off by a piercing swell of volume then  at least you can recognize what your listening to. Me an James are also barring our 7th frets with capo’s along the line on the third track giving a brighter feel and as we we’re ending the track Murphy starts singing through his trombone giving this pure magnificent sound but before that I’d like to highlight my favorite part of this album!

Third track, 5:25 in you’ll hear a solid drum beat, my trilling at the top end of the guitar (Picking real fast) with bass volume swelling with a contribution from trombone giving the fullest and most solid performance of improvisation coming together in my opinion. If your interested in how we get our sound too, here’s our microphone placement:

C2 x2 – Drums

AKG Drum Clip – Snare

Rode NT1 – Room, but mainly focused on Murphy

SM57 – Guitar

SM57 – Bass (plus direct DI output)

SM58 – Drum sampler guitar amp


The next set of objectives for us shall be to gig for an arts festival or gallery as background noise in which we’ll strip almost everything to match their appropriate volume and these are two ideas for the next recording. The first of which is to try and play as quiet as possible which would be brilliant as I’d like to see myself playing something along the eyes of a Thomas Newman piece or Brian Eno. The second is a piece by chance, where we roll and every combination for two dice has an outcome in which we have to follow, so I’ll be sure to blog about both in the next 2 weeks! Thanks for the interest!




  1. I’ve been following blogs from the three of you and it’s been interesting as well as informative to read about your creative processes. Each one of you has a unique perspective on what’s going on in your music and school. That really enhances the experience of reading your blogs collectively.
    If we where having this conversation face to face I would totally be teasing you about Ibuprofen being a gateway drug…just say no, man, before you end up like Elvis!

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