Me…. Singing…. What? (Yeah That’s American Beauty!)

So for the past few weeks I’ve been learning how to sing, tough….. all I can say is, really tough!

I used to when I studied Drama & Performing Arts at Solihull Blossomfield College 08 – 10, I really thought in my heart that I would continue in that line of work, real eye opening couple of years as I found myself constantly battling my mind to support confidence in my studies just to carry on. I didn’t find my love for music straight away, I had to work to find what I wanted to do and rarely any support was found from family due to them being old fashioned.

When I was studying Performing Arts I obtained a few skills that have helped such as confidence and the ability to be on stage without major concern, I used to sing all the time but I wasn’t any good, I tried but never got anywhere. So coming back to singing was quite the challenge and due to everyone in the lesson being younger than me I felt pressure, as I tried to get stuck in I was given a warm reception (I guess they’d seen that I was trying) I’m pretty good at that… “Trying.” As the weeks have got on I’m still treated as a guest in the class (which is not on my time table, it’s voluntary) but I really want to improve myself!

This current week, we had to sing “Clocks – Coldplay,” not a fan, but the vocals are interesting and I will certainly be practicing to prove to myself I can accomplish this and also maybe the class will take me a tad more seriously. I feel singing could open opportunities for future prospects, who knows?

Just a quick draft today, I’ll be posting my progress as I go, I also included a Thomas Newman piece in which he wrote for “American Beauty,” a brilliant OST and a brilliant film. I hope you enjoy his work just as much as I do!


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