My Notation… The Need To Get Better

I recently jotted down a few ideas in lesson for a short composition as the lecturer explained what we would need to hit our curriculum. During this he mentioned about us writing parts for each other and performing each other’s work like we have been doing recently, my piece was designed for Carl & Alex Nash. Here are the points James posted for me :-

– Improvement from last week, much neater

– Flags are still too small

– Good use of repeats

– There’s an accidental on the fourth bar on section B (treble clef) which is wrong, should’ve been a C flat.

– I don’t think Alex & Carl we’re taken into consideration when writing this piece, on the plus side it has some good ideas

Now this was the most forgiving bit of feedback I’d received, I now realise that I’m struggling with theory a lot so I’ll be posting of my attempt to get extra work from Murphy (Lecturer) and posting my progress as I attempt to catch up to everyone else on my course.

I feel embarrassed to show my transcriptions as they always have something wrong, I’ll be fine tuning this and as I’ve now identified the problem I’ll fix this so I get more confident with my transcriptions and continue to challenge my self.

I photo-linked this to a piece by Yann Tierson who I will be studying soon, french music & Amelie!

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