New Choice Of Weaponry

New Choice Of Weaponry


… I meant instrument!

I’ve took it upon myself to save up the money to buy a viola, an estimated 2 more weeks and I’ll be posting about my journey through a new instrument and my new challenges. Viola will showcase my “Feel,” and also teach me new roles in how to solo with better phrasing and note choice, this I feel will be a healthy decision and I can’t wait to start learning and posting.

Thomas Newman also recently composed the music for “Saving Mr. Banks,” a film based on Walt Disney’s struggle to get the creator of “Mary Poppins,” to agree to the making of the film. A heavily melodic influenced piece using a strong string section, hopefully with my new instrument I’ll be posting me playing pieces such as this somewhere down the line.

If anyone has any advice on the instrument then please share, it would be much appreciated!

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