The Audiences Reaction

So after categorising my work for the course I haven’t really talked about the audiences reaction to anything so I thought I’d analyse and discuss the difference between Terry Riley’s “In C,” and the musical “Footloose,”

Terry Riley “In C,”

So first this link should provide an example of “In C,” which is an endurance orchestral piece which comprises of everything being in the key of C (just like the title suggested). When we rehearsed this we had become bored quickly of listening but performing was a different thing as it’s quite exciting to listen to how the music shifts and changes as each individual performer chooses how many phrases of the 51 posted they play. When playing this to the audience I think a few were quite disorientated in the fact that at least 7 had left the room around 15 minutes in (lucky for them they had 25 minutes left before we finished). Asking the audiences reaction afterwards I found that they realised the concentration that has gone into the piece and that it’s an endurance for the performer as well as the listener so they were quite mature when they found the explanation to the piece. So if your immature or have no interest in classical music or an “Out of the box,” methods of playing then I doubt you would’ve enjoyed our performance.

Musical Theatre’s “Footloose,”

Well… this performance was ranged from matinee to night, then from matinee to night. So we had our work cut out for us as we quickly tried to go through the mountain of sheet music before the deadline had slapped us round the face and shouted “I’m Here! Now Play!” Practising was fine though due to the legend Mr. John Bates being at the helm (Fantastic pianist and MD) and as we got to the pit (term used for musicians space during musicals) we were ready to solo confidently over the music. The audience ranged from our fellow musician class mates to the people that went solely for the musical, there were barely any mistakes and if there were then it would’ve been covered by the rest of the guys playing. The audience had made comments such as “The music was the best part!” & “I really enjoyed it!” securing the fact that we had done a good job, the difference between both mainly comes into the different styles that we had played an the people who were performing.

Due to the musical theatre course having complete different students on to us, the audience was going to be different as their families have no knowledge of who we are alas we still won them over whereas the “In C,” piece consisted of our family and friends in which still left if they’d had enough. So my conclusion is the audiences reaction is solely based on these factors:

– Family/ Friends

– Musical/ A style that is attractive for them

– If the performance is played to a very high standard

Knowing these factors is advantageous to me and my fellow students because with this knowledge we could utilise the information to make money in the future!

Yes… a very formal blog, I hope you “Enjoy,” reading and feedback is very much appreciated!

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