Got The Ingredients… But The Taste Isn’t Right

So lately in preparation for a hopeful gig in June me, Carl & Ryan thought we’d look into playing a cover of Everything Everything’s – My Kz Ur BF track which is pop but has elements that suggest otherwise, the video is the result of 25 minutes practice not having any charts to help and also not having the pivotal synth/ keyboard which really makes the track what it is.

Chorus – F minor 9/ C minor 7 (minor 9) / Bb sus2 (Bb maj) / Eb maj7

Verse – Arpeggiating a Ab major 9 chord / Db maj7 / D min7

Recently finding video footage of them performing at Jools Holland made me realize that our version isn’t good enough so I’m really going to have to get my act together and learn the chops required as well as finding a keyboard player and vocalist.

If you see for yourself the comparison is quite shocking, these are some points I’ll need to work on;-

– Chorus Riff
– Delay sound
– Bridge Riff
– Vocal Contribution
– End Chorus Solo ?

Maybe with work it’ll pay off, I’ll keep posting on the progress of this one, constructive criticism is much appreciated!



  1. Your version is really good! EE’s version just has many more parts (Synth, vocals etc) which leaves your version sounding more like a really tight rhythm section for the basis of this song rather than a finished product… if that makes sense?

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