Moulin Rouge Rehearsals (3rd Party Perpective)

So here I am inspecting the musicians on their rehearsals for the musical and theres an element of pressure, as they play their first song which is Elton Johns “Your Song,” they really impress me with the start with great solos and dynamics but there are a few pointers in which the MD (Musical Director) has to give to his troops, here a few:

– Confidence of solos

– Arpeggios of chords

– Be a bit more forceful when you play and also add sustain to your solos

Whats fantastic though is seeing something generate from nothing, from playing the musicals and having the experience I’m always inclined to say that for me the music is the best part, the guys here just need to be a tad more comfortable with the timings but that’s always going to happen. All in all individually when it comes to the solos they’re brilliant and seeing the synth part try to compete with Johns piano is quite something, really nice piece of rehearsal. The full band is split into two sections “The House Band & The Moulin Rogues,” the first is the house band which will play on the balcony whereas the second will play on the stage within the madness that is the musical theater. The “Rogues,” have an acoustic bass, accordian, Spanish guitar and cajon which when they play with the House band makes for a great combination, the house has an acoustic drum kit, electric bass, electric guitar and synth. Hearing the version of “Your Song,” was great near the end but the beginning has some nerves within everything I’ve found, this is majorly due to a complication with the sheet music not arriving on time so they’re all playing off memory so it’s small things like that which show me the guys have worked hard to get to the standard they are at.

Lady Marmalade

Probably one of the most important high energy pieces of the musical, so even before they practice I can hear a bass riff in G minor/ Bb major which sounds exactly to the noughties hit from Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, Pink etc. The riff is then joined by everyone, accompanied by major 5th harmonies from the guitar, the egg shaker and cow bell then adds to the mix from the Rogues. The piece really does sound full and energetic when it comes together in which with that main riff learnt they’ve got around 3/4 quarters down, the only part that needs to be learnt is a smaller bridge section. Again the solo sections are outstanding with minor pentatonic being thrown about with full bends giving the song some great feel, when we come into the run down sure there’s a few timing issues but for another first run through it was great. Third run through and what I love about the musical theater gigs is the amount of vamping/ improvisation that you can play around with when your comfortable makes it a lot of fun. The guys were all loving this tune which made for more creative solos and a better feel, so when your happy, expect a wider range of results when playing!

The performance is soon so I’ll be posting about how well they’ve done in the near future!

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