Promotion (The Never Ending Battle)

Well hello, this blog is purely on my experience with promoters and also a bit of insight into some of their tricks to get the artist/ band to do all the work with the promise of return on ticket prices when in actual fact, the promoters get everything.

I’ll begin my story with what seemed to be a very promising gig for my old band, set two years ago in the midlands, Stourbridge arena had just been opened and a few signed bands had been appearing and playing over the “Fresh,” period. Our lead singer who was very good with contacts gets in touch with them and sets up the gig in which we found ourselves rehearsing for a gig where we would be supporting two signed bands and playing with what could be potential for a futures in the genre we were playing.

The promoter had met with me and the lead singer (Charlie), this guy had given us around 30 tickets with the objective of selling them all to get profit for himself and any extra tickets we sell we get the return on, we thought this was a sound deal in which we acted enthusiastically and got to work, our promotion scheme consisted of us being very forceful in our physical approach, what I mean by this is that we had went to 4 places to promote the gig. These were;

– Bewdley : Small town but very populated in the center, we had attracted some interest and due to the fact it’s quite rural, the urban music approach isn’t great so people generated curiosity.

– Kidderminster : Not the best of places to promote, too many people with less time and money then what we had anticipated, with 3 hours of trying to approach the general public and around 2 people actually giving us the time of day we had to evaluate where we had gone wrong.

– Worcester : A lot of interest, we had evaluated our last approach and found we had be a lot more enthusiastic with our “Hello,” and have a general script of what we trying to explain, with this rectified there was around 4 ticket sales which however low, we were still proud of.

– Birmingham : The people of Birmingham are well versed in saying “Not today,” and “NO!” which to our downfall got us quite frustrated so we had given up after a few hours.

The promoter had promised that he had dealt with the promoting of Stourbridge with the use of; Social Media, Flyers etc luckily for us social media was a great platform to promote with as a lot of my friends and the rest of the band friends wanted to come, our ticket sales had gotten to around 40+ at this point so we had tried phoning the promoter with the good news… he had “Forgotten,” about us until the day of the show. We had got to the venue with 2 hours before the asking time, no one was there, and continued to “Not be there,” for the next 3 hours, so our sound check was out the window. Luckily our enthusiasm and different use of platforms to promoted had come to fruition as people actually started to turn up, when asking the promoter about the return on our money he had replied with “What return, your job was to sell tickets, and you did, but you’ve got to understand…” We cut him off there and realized that he had done little work and obtained an audience purely from our band and other bands backs.

So from being “Betrayed,” as I took it at the time, I now try and reason as best as I can with any promotion, the guy had got a reputation for being seedy but we chose to ignore that, luckily since then I have matured and with that being said, my approach to promotion had matured.


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