Taking Direction

Recently I posted a blog on my third party perspective of watching my fellow musicians rehearse for a college musical theater show “Moulin Rouge,” I talked about how the show was actually coming along but I want to talk about how the acting MD’s (musical directors) gave instruction to there groups. As I observed and said in my blog, the groups were split into two;

– The Moulin Rogues: Consists of an acoustic band, I.e spanish guitar, acoustic bass, cajon, accoridan. These guys were at the forefront of the show and were majorly involved in audience participation with few resources.

– The House Band: Consists of keyboard, synth, electric guitar, electric bass and acoustic drum kit. These guys were on the balcony and dealt with the majority of the bulky score, had a lot of attention to resource and P.A output.

So when instructing there was an apparent difference in the way they carried out there objectives, asking the Moulin Rogues about their direction these were some of the things Murphy (MD) had asked them to do to improve:

– When acting, stay in character, when the actors are doing the scene, make sure you react to it because when your on set, although your in the background and with your instrument, your still in with the scene.

– Involve yourself with audience participation

– Smile more

It’s small direction like this that made for a great show, learning the material and being punctual is only half of the show when acting is involved as well so fair play to the Moulin Rogues. The house band had direction such as;

– More confidence in solo’s

– More tighter with the band

– Look at me more to tell you when to play or be quieter

So the house band had stricter rules to follow and perfectionism had to take its role as they played the bulk of the weight, they did a fantastic job and the music was well complimented throughout and after the performance. The show was amazing so next year if they do another I shall be auditioning!

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