Technology – Have You Shaped Us?

Yes they have, I also have a blog dedicated to how technology has helped my music, here’s the link;

The blog is to support the fact that instead of having a wide range of guitars my concentration had changed to pedals and the fact they support me into making better quality sounds and makes my specific sound that I try to accomplish sound that tad more unique.

Enough about me, more about how the internet has changed the way we think as musicians and distribute our product, interact with our fans and even create the music. My focus in the blog is how social media has affected the world of musicians.
From a bands point of view, currency is in views/ followers/ likes, that is currently the climate of bands (which will most likely change in time) in which they have to fight the masses of publications and adverts that are posted on their wall or blog. I know from experience of posting videos and video diaries that Facebook and much like the deceased Myspace that it’s like watching paint dry, to gain popularity it seems you have to obtain these ever so quaint likes/ follows and views and to do that you must interact with the public. This is done easily by posting your video multiple times and in the hope that someone will share this, simple clicks and word of mouth and your best friend.

Positives and negatives of social media:


– It’s been done too much, look for a different approach

– No one cares for new music, unless it’s been reviewed by someone they know (even then it’s a push)

– Paying for like & views with actual cash (Really? … Yes that actually happens)

– This can be the band or artists downfall by taking to much interest into social media, what I mean by this is everyone is their own critic, causing everyones strong opinions to potentially hurt your integrity. (Don’t let reviews ruin your art!)


– Gain Fans? Publicity seems to be key and nows theres a very easy/ lazy way to do it, a win win.

– Keeping everything organised

– Music at the click of button, your accesibility is key

– Keeping in contact with those who your enjoy your music is very easily done, just be witty about it, try and be different (hard considering everyones become accustomed to the current climate, become an innovator)

Thought I’d share a few things on how hard it is to actually gain a fan base, if someone has seen you at a gig and was interested then they’ll eventually check you out for your material online so having that instrument is vital in the continuation of your band in the current climate.

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