How Has Blogging & Recording Impacted Me?

Well this academic year has been a shock to the system in that I was introduced to a new method of handing in work in a less formal way, this is blogging. Luckily I became accustomed to the way of things in a short space of time and have managed to hit certain criteria in this way, at first when I found my back catalogue of videos from former performances and one picture of me in the recording studio I was pretty much stuck. Trying to think of things to say and videos to publish seemed like a tedious task but as my peers were doing so well I had to keep up with them.

Blogging Impact:-

– Less formality in my writing, this means I can freely write without thinking too much and deleting the parts which I deemed to informal.

– Videos & Photos, I enjoy making material to put up and this has impacted me by putting a certain enthusiasm into my practice and an increase into the workload of material I produce (in the hope that it’s of quality to put on my blog)

– Peer Pressure, now this is understood to be a bad thing but in this case the more my fellow students produced on the blog made me quite competitive to produce more. Healthy competition is what they call it and it’s really helped me and my lazy nature to get that quantity workload. It mainly spawned from the fact that has views (Former blog post, views = currency) which made us compete to make the most.

Recording, The Impact It Has On Me

Well fortunate as I am I returned from work to Kidderminster College for this academic year and I’m glad I did, I’ve already made around 7 albums of improvised music, 5 of these are on band camp:-

Bringing our own ideas in to the mix, the drums pretty much conducted the thing as we followed to the timbre of what the musician was playing. I was using my space echo (Boss RE-20) and really trying out the repeat rates, the bassist already had his collection of pedals and bass trombonist also had delay and chorus to mess about with, with our toys we started the jam by setting up all the mics. I’m using a telecaster maple neck with 10 gauge D’Darios, also had another guitar in the mix, a Jaxville stratocaster which supplies some of the clean licks later on, I also switch to distortion on the first track at around 13 minutes supplying trills and some high riff stuff accompanied by the “Wah,” sounding trombone.

Now recording has hugely influenced me and made me realize that when your in the studio, creative writing seems so large and the accessibility to actually make what you’ve written down on paper or thought in your head is amazing. I have learned that I’m a perfectionist in the studio and the slightest mistake or out of tone improvisation makes me very frustrated and angry with myself, I think it’s fair to identify so hopefully I can work on this in the future.



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