Informal & Formal

Blogging & other means of assessment, well in the previous blog post I wrote about how blogging has impacted me but in this post I’ll be comparing the process of blogging with more formal means of assessment (essays and exams). Also what strengths and weaknesses are there, from my experience with both methods. Well using essay writing and exams my whole life until the past year it really has been quite the transition, from past experience I have a system when it comes to essay writing (I’m sure everyone does) where everything has to be organised, header & footer, convenient titles, why this and why that whereas with blogging it’s pretty much at my own leisure and it helps filter all of the nonsense so that I can hit criteria straight away.

The strengths of both:


– Fast

– Hit criteria without the pressure of a word count objective

– Videos & photos are considered valuable

Exams & Essay writing

– The status quo, the more your experienced in this style, the more employable you are.

– Everyone throughout my academic life had always used this method, so everyone’s familiar with how to write in this style.

Now I’ll bullet point with what my thoughts are on both blogging and exam/ essay writings weaknesses are drawing my experience with both of them.



– Due to the informality, it could be off topic/ target with what the assessor needs to see

– Due to it’s speed, there might not be enough on a subject to support it, might not be able to hit higher criteria

Exam & Essay Writing

– Slow, concentrating on that word count could mean a slow burner for someone looking at a blank document

– Lack of enthusiasm, anyone & everyone can blog, its quick and easy whereas essay writing can prove to be difficult if you don’t understand criteria resulting of a lack of enthusiasm which leads onto you not handing it in on time.

My experience with exam & essay writing has resulted in me reaching a mediocre grade in the past due to me being labeled as a “Kinetic,” learner, so I’m glad I’ve found a way in which I can communicate and easily obtain higher marks.

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