Next Year

In this blog I will be talking about how my approach towards self development and blogging will change for next year, what did I d that worked well for this year and what I should continue to do vs what I think I should do differently. Already I’ve talked to my personal tutor about how next year will be different to this academic year as we should all try hit the ground running, in a sense of doing the work straight away and continuing our enthusiasm to write the way we do now. This year I think my class and I have come a long way from when we started, theory knowledge and playing ability has vastly improved, so if we do continue with our current state then next year we should be able to produce a high level of material both written and physically played.


What went well this year was competitiveness, that really sorted the group out to make us do the blogs on a more common basis, we’ve all stopped being so competitive of playing ability as we found it’s a very pretentious and childish area and started competing for workload which I found was a key ingredient of us doing well this year in which we all will follow up for next year. What will change drastically for us is having first years, I think this will change the way we rehearse because they’ll bring in their own way of playing and it will be up to us to show them that the standard of where we are at is very high. What I should do differently is concentrate more on my viola practice and also spend more time on Sibelius 7 which is software for score writing, this has improved my theory knowledge vastly and I’ll continue to use it.

So to sum up what needs to be done next year, here’s the objectives:-

– Keep the competitiveness up, a key element of us trying to increase our workload & practice

– Viola pratice

– Sibelius 7 has helped me hugely with theory knowledge so I should continue to write on the software so I’m getting a weekly dosage of score writing

– Look for my university place for my third year

Yes, my time here’s almost up an I’ll be looking for a place for my third year to gain my degree, hopefully I’ll gain the skills (or may already have) to progress to that next stage of my life.

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