Electro Funk:- Preparing For Presentation!

So I’ve got to talk about a genre I know nothing about…

Assuming the electro part would come from Kraftwerk (Who pioneered the genre from the wunderbar country of Germany) and the funk would come from James Browne’s signature emphasis on the downbeat. I thought I knew everything about this genre, I was wrong…. (so so wrong!!!)

The video is very repetitive up until 1:12 when Kraftwerk enter with “Numbers,” (1981) and then for the next 48 minutes are pure jams for the ol’ B – boy movement where break dancing was birthed.

Now, how do I prepare a presentation for something I know nothing of? luckily in our lectures we have been handed similar assignments since we got back 2 months ago, straight into it, no rest for the wicked. With this being said my confidence in speaking to a group/ class has improved immensely as I’ve even been asked to teach and come in for guest “Talks,” and what not for other classes. So “Ted Talks,” really helped on that struggle, Ted Talks are where guest keynote speakers talk about actual intellectual and relevant subjects and give it straight, there’s even one on “How to be more like a politician when speaking to people,” which consists of body language and juggling round the truth or procrastinating when someone gives you a hard question… yeah, it was a dig and no… I’m not sorry.

Well my gut really tells me to wing it but I might film the presentation just to show you how I did, so the internet world can either see me conquer or fail.

Presentation day : 4/11/2014

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