Happy? Yes Please!

Mike guitar pic #1

Picture by Jamie Croft

So it’s coming up to Christmas an I haven’t really been given any work from my zero hour contract… Yes it’s that time of year when everyone feels like it’s a recession (The joys of holiday).

Fear not though folks for a new lease of life has been shed upon my weak willed mind that has injected some sort of enthusiasm into my music, having lectures on certain career paths and being told that we’ve got to have music on the brain 24/7 has really put things into perspective. I’ve just been getting more involved into studio work (I can finally do it myself!!!) and when I was working the other day a few musicians came in to have a look, one of which (to my delight) complimented the music being produced and also asked if he could be taught the parts, after a few hours of jamming and teaching I walked home that day with the biggest smile on my face knowing that there was a bit of magic that had happened in that lilac/wooden atmospheric cold room.

I don’t know what the future holds but if all bodes well then I’m sure the music I make will more than enough to satisfy the “Goldie Locks Goal,” (Andy Edwards reference) I also worked out that if I earn around £500.00 after  tax per month when I leave university then this gives me availability for my personal art, I’m so psyched to begin my journey, even without the support of the few who really haven’t in the past, the future looks bright as long as I keep optimistic.

Oh an did I mention I might be making more album work with Imagination Amalgamation, those guys are brilliant and I want to return to it with better visions so the final outcome is 110% I’ll be posting all that I’ve mentioned soon.


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