Multi-Genre Presentation

So I’m supposed to do a presentation on multi-genre, this is when a track switches it’s whole original motif whether it be a funk track that switches into polka or a pop track that changes into an Indian raga. The execution of this was the hardest to find, at first I relied on film composition (Alexandre Desplat – ‘The Fantastic Mr.Fox / The Grand Budapest Hotel) but they all relied on slight changes to their motifs. I was in a rut, we were shown Frank Zappa’s album ‘Apostrophe’ which set the bar with what we had to find, so after talking to the level 4 students, someone suggested John Zorn in which the outcome was rather positive. Here’s what I found;

[Video Above]

0:00 – 0:09 is rock riff A

0:09 – 0:11 is a super quick motif otherwise known as riff B

Then heads back to riff A until 0:19 seconds in where riff B come back with alterations, then it hits you at 0:23 where it’s a country barnyard idea then at 0:28 where the bass is doing a polka rhythm an everything else in riff B then back to riff A, have you got the stimulus yet?

0:39 has riff B once again and once again at 0:50

at 0:52 is a nice ‘loungey’ feel almost like a western bar then we come to the end 30 seconds whereb it crosses over from riff A to riff B.

Now for the stimulus, I like to think of this track as someone flicking through radio stations or T.V channels, a satirical take on how we can’t make our mind on what to watch.

The instrumentation is;

x1 electric guitar

x1 electric bass

x1 drums

Then I’m sure I can pick out a bit of brass, maybe a saxophone on riff B

On the 0:23 motif they’ve changed the guitar for a steel guitar maybe, it’s definitely got a whole different sound in comparison to the other electric guitar.

Piano is played on the 0:52 motif with a reprisal of the earlier steel guitar

The drums mainly conduct the sound, going from a rock groove straight feel, to riff B which is almost a heavy blast beat feel, at the 0:23 motif it has a slower more leaned back feel on the 4/4 which is played again at the 0:52 motif.



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