Plinky. – Captain Quirk

Yes!!! finally I got some gems to share, problem is there’s a million mistakes and you can’t really hear me but for your entertainment I present Plinky. So who are Plinky? well it’s a project where you make music that draws elements from musicals that we’ve all sessioned for as well as our own blends of creativity.

So… the plan!!! I kind of want a lot of people to know how to play the tracks of Plinky, I want to see what people do to augment and improvise over existing material, a bit like when people play over jazz and put their own personal flavour onto it.

Run down – Okay people I hope you enjoy the video, what’s that? you want to play it? oh geez well here you go:

Main Riff Chords – C# – 9 / G# – 7 / Amaj7 / Cmaj7

C# – 9/ G# – 7 / Amaj7 / F# – 9

C# – 9/ G# – 7 / Amaj7 / D – 9

C# – 9/ G# – 7/ Gmaj7 / Gmaj7

Jackson Five Riff – G# – 7/ C# – 7/ B octave

G# – 7/ C# – 7/ Gmaj7/ B octave

I believe in collaboration and augmentation, if you feel my version of this isn’t as good as one you can create then please share, I love hearing other musicians styles as long as it’s organic and unique, so when it comes to playing live I have a selection to choose from and so everyone and anyone could get up and play these catchy brain child’s of mine.

Have a nice weekend whatever it is you choose to do, if you did want to learn more or even session then please just ask.


What… 20 days left?

Ok… WOW!! 20 days left before my first year of level 5 is over, I’ll still be around the building but formally, it’s over. Deadlines have crept up and I’m feeling the pressure but on a gentle note, here’s something i wrote in a minute and Carl put drums to.

Yep, you can’t hear me but I thought I’d showcase Carl and all his prowess, the course really has improved us and here’s how:

Phi Yaan Zek – Michael Price, Jim McCormack (guitarist)

Steve Lawson – James Chatfield, Ryan Guest, Ollie Millward, Alex Nash (Bassist)

Andy Edwards – Carl Browne, Ollie Patton

We really have come a long way and I just thought I’d post something that shows that we have.

I’m Trying To Get Funkier!!!

What it says on the tin, I’ve been listening to various artists and funk tracks via you tube to make sense of where I’ve been going wrong with my feel when playing guitar.

This link should provide a part of my soundtrack for the past month as I’ve journeyed into unfamiliar territory, hopefully this will give me a platform as I take influence from everything I listen to an use it to create riffs and songs. So the main aim is to concentrate on how to utilise the “Feel,” from other musicians and absorb that into my playing.

Oh Geez… Has It really Been That Long?

yep, I’m getting back to it and this video’s me playing off a chart that my fellow student had written. (I’m the guy with the electric guitar)

Quite the “Jazzy,” piece using major 7ths getting a smooth sound by using those specific chords as a platform to tap other notes on the fret board. I use this technique myself, it’s as if your finger are individual capos (equipment used to clamp down strings) in which you can pick notes off from. The trick is finding what notes you can actually use when tapping, as I’m demonstrating in this piece they’re quite the few chromaticisms that are taking place to get an even “Jazzier,” sound… don’t believe me? Then watch the video!

I would like to apologize in advance for my mistake at 0:58 – 1:05 in which I hit wrong notes and grunt in frustration, this is something I definitely need to work on and that is hiding my mistakes. I feel it’s an art form in itself an I will post in future of how I can improve on this.

Thanks for reading/ watching and let’s just say I’m glad to be back and blogging!

New Choice Of Weaponry


… I meant instrument!

I’ve took it upon myself to save up the money to buy a viola, an estimated 2 more weeks and I’ll be posting about my journey through a new instrument and my new challenges. Viola will showcase my “Feel,” and also teach me new roles in how to solo with better phrasing and note choice, this I feel will be a healthy decision and I can’t wait to start learning and posting.

Thomas Newman also recently composed the music for “Saving Mr. Banks,” a film based on Walt Disney’s struggle to get the creator of “Mary Poppins,” to agree to the making of the film. A heavily melodic influenced piece using a strong string section, hopefully with my new instrument I’ll be posting me playing pieces such as this somewhere down the line.

If anyone has any advice on the instrument then please share, it would be much appreciated!

The Addiction

So blogging has really been pushed by our lecturers an it seems it’s the new “Thing,” much like “Pogs or Pokemon Cards.” but for academic reasons unlike the crazes that shift between the years. As you probably know I’m a true fan of film score so I’ve taken a break from listening to the Amelie OST composed by Yann Tierson which I’ll post something about at a later date.

The Video posted is from a film called “The Road To Perdition,” which in my opinion is a masterpiece and like all masterpieces is accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack, Thomas Newman takes the helm with this one, the scores in the key of A major/ F# minor as I was transcribing it with electric guitar (I’ll post the transcription and video of me maybe soloing later) apart from learning the melody and chords I thought I’d solo over the piece all morning as an excuse to listen to this beautiful piece of art all morning.

(F# would be your first note) As I was soloing I found that as my mom tried talking to me about this mornings trivial pursuits I used the whole neck not missing one note from A major/ F# minor, so I think now would be the time for me to start learning extensively different scales seen as though I’m perfectly comfortable with the standard, taking in mind I’m not soloing to an audience (that’s a different story/ blog).

Back to the musical, isn’t there something very poetic and tense, the way the full string section comes in at 1:00 – 1:20, the melody’s beautiful but notice how the chords are rising (this component is used in pop for chorus’s to raise the listeners attention) giving a certain “Although this piece is sad, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BIT!!!” vibe to it. The raised notes are from F# minor – A major – B Major just in case you’d like to replicate what you hear, the piece then goes back to it’s regular tension until 1:54 where you’ll here a strain on the string section getting louder until we’re back into full band mode, then to finish off we have our conclusion which should settle us down due to the fact our (my) heart rates has increased due to the music edging to it’s climax then settling to let us know that we’ll (I’ll) be okay.

For those of you that have seen the film, the link should get you to the best piece of cinematography, the whole shootout scene has it’s volume taken away to make for rain & Thomas Newman’s – Ghosts (Road To Perdition OST) I would rather not explain the scene and urge you to watch the film. So take a break from busy music or whatever it is your doing and hunt down this film and watch, you’ll enjoy it!

Thanks for reading.

Me Playing Joe Satriani’s – Tears In The Rain

Hey there, in lecture we had 3 projects to sight read and play, this is my third and is a bit behind schedule. Joe Satriani is a brilliant guitar player and I don’t think I’ve given him justice with this piece but I’ve “Tried,” once more (Remember I said I was good at trying) I’ve attempted to play it with an acoustic.

So to my delight this song unlike study 24 (Lazarus) or my solo piece is slow and relies solely on chord shapes and is played in 6. I’m a guitarist of chords seen as though I love to add tools to my writing so I’ve built a catalogue of chord inversions in which nothing threw me off during the reading of this song. I have to point out my faults though, I’m very hesitant during the diminished section and not very confident during the whole performance but I’m sure it’s listenable… is it?

please give me feedback as it’s much appreciated and I really have to show my improvement to hit those units. Thanks for your time!