Social Media Photos

So I’ve been given the task of assorting the right sort of photography for social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook, luckily Jamie Croft was on the scene as well as Mr.Chatfield ( man I talk about that guy too much, well without further or do, here are the pics along with their corresponding social media platform.

Mike guitar pic #1

This one I use for Facebook, good picture of the guitar, smiles all round and it’s based in a studio (professionalism)


This one I use as a cover photo and also for twitter, I like the focus (because it’s all on me *cough* pretentious)

Pic of me with pedal #1

I have used this on facebook to talk about my pedal (and other goodies) not the best of pictures but it’s got a black backdrop and I look a tad like a homeless Ollie Murs so it’s a 3/10 from Len…

blog post #2

Also I have used this on Myspace (yes, it is still a thing) because it actually shows me playing live. I never play live, so this is pure gold for me, oh god I wish I could play live more!

Mike Guitar pic #2

An finally my back up from the Facebook picture, I still thought this was relevant but I’m not smiling… an people want to see smiles (employment purposes) although my beard looks like a lining of golden wonder I thought this one would be kept secret from the masses.


My Level 5 Comeback!!!

So what I’ve done is post what was an open mic at my college, a new events management course are trying to cut their teeth at their trade and I for one are trying to collaborate with them as our objectives sort of come hand in hand, in the video I got asked to do that very hour a show, some ambient stuff.

As I got up there the bassist (The esteemed Mr. Chatfield) says “In G Major,” In which I nod and pull out some bright lydian chords for the audience accompanied by a sound scape provided by the bassist and then conducted by the drummer.

100% improvised… those classes sure helped

So I’m back to blogging, yes it’s been a while but I feel I have improved over the past year so I hope my content and contribution to this space is a lot better than before. Being half way through my course now and I’ve done some interesting things, I can’t way to tell you about these subjects that I’ve got coming up:-

– Workshops for younger musicians

– Teaching

– Setting up my own gig

– My own musical journey


Oh Geez… Has It really Been That Long?

yep, I’m getting back to it and this video’s me playing off a chart that my fellow student had written. (I’m the guy with the electric guitar)

Quite the “Jazzy,” piece using major 7ths getting a smooth sound by using those specific chords as a platform to tap other notes on the fret board. I use this technique myself, it’s as if your finger are individual capos (equipment used to clamp down strings) in which you can pick notes off from. The trick is finding what notes you can actually use when tapping, as I’m demonstrating in this piece they’re quite the few chromaticisms that are taking place to get an even “Jazzier,” sound… don’t believe me? Then watch the video!

I would like to apologize in advance for my mistake at 0:58 – 1:05 in which I hit wrong notes and grunt in frustration, this is something I definitely need to work on and that is hiding my mistakes. I feel it’s an art form in itself an I will post in future of how I can improve on this.

Thanks for reading/ watching and let’s just say I’m glad to be back and blogging!

Me Playing Joe Satriani’s – Tears In The Rain

Hey there, in lecture we had 3 projects to sight read and play, this is my third and is a bit behind schedule. Joe Satriani is a brilliant guitar player and I don’t think I’ve given him justice with this piece but I’ve “Tried,” once more (Remember I said I was good at trying) I’ve attempted to play it with an acoustic.

So to my delight this song unlike study 24 (Lazarus) or my solo piece is slow and relies solely on chord shapes and is played in 6. I’m a guitarist of chords seen as though I love to add tools to my writing so I’ve built a catalogue of chord inversions in which nothing threw me off during the reading of this song. I have to point out my faults though, I’m very hesitant during the diminished section and not very confident during the whole performance but I’m sure it’s listenable… is it?

please give me feedback as it’s much appreciated and I really have to show my improvement to hit those units. Thanks for your time!

Me Playing Melodic Minor

Ahhh, a shabby attempt at melodic minor and a few stock riffs, I’m playing over A – 7 & E7#9.

I think the video should explain itself, as you can see I’m not a comfortable solo player in comparison to my songwriting ability. I fumble too much and I’m not very comfortable as I don’t like being the center of attention on stage, my knowledge of decision making and phrasing is getting better though so I have gotten better over a period of time.

If you’ve got notes on how you can improve I.E practice routines/ exercises then it would be massively appreciated if you could comment with links of you playing. Thanks to for the acoustic rhythm work.

My First Album I linked the second first because I felt the first was better in quality especially because I got to use my pedal out, anyway this is the first ambient jam that Myself, James Chatfield and Carl Browne recorded which is completely improvised and is again around the 45 minute mark. James took the album art photos at Hurcott Woods which is where we live so it adds a small bit of pride into the work we’ve just created. The reasons why this maybe not as good as the first:

  • The original, although it was improvised, we could pin point what went wrong to make the next better.
  • Lack of pedals, creative ideas were pushed around but maybe we never captured them enough.
  • Lack of distortion, I had fun using a crunchier tone on the second in comparison

What the first album has that the second does not is originality, vocals and a creepier vibe in general. What we hoped to achieve was a Brian Eno ambient masterpiece but what we had instead was our new direction as musicians, I for one I’m really finding myself as a musician through this method of creativity. The first album really has some sort of edge over the second due to its atmosphere that it creates, the chord choices and trills added to my input, the drums are slower and there’s a lot more feedback (intended) from the amps that we wanted. My growth as a musician has been influenced by me learning from the people around me and I’m glad that I can see it come into fruition.

There’s a bit I adore from the second track on the first album (A Lack of Residual Capacity – That Shirt Would Look Great With A Colombian Neck Tie) around 4 minutes in, a great showcase of the improvisation as a sit on a riff then gradually expand an both over musicians really understand what I’m trying to make musically. This is another reason why I like this album, being the first experiment that we’ve recorded I was surprised by the movement of the music in which hopefully showcases that we’re all in key with each other as players.

So if you have time check the stuff out!